A good sign that accessibility is increasing, but above all it shows Denmark Email List it is on the agenda. When all websites are fully compliant remains the big question for now. And then we are only talking about websites . What about other resources? Number of status changes municipalities register. Denmark Email List of status changes per quarter ( source , April 22, 2021). Tip of the iceberg That registry we talked about is for government agency websites . But digital accessibility goes much further than just the website. We are therefore afraid that this is just the tip of the iceberg.

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Because what about the accessibility of, for example, e-mail and other Denmark Email List ? And what about healthcare institutions and other organizations to which the obligation does not apply? Apps are planned for June 2021. What’s the next step as far as we’re concerned? E-mail. Email the Denmark Email List step? In one-to-many communications, such as email newsletters, it’s easy to lose track of the individual. But in addition to the large (external) e-mail campaigns, e-mail is also used en masse for simple means, such as an invitation, Denmark Email List , anniversary, presentation, communication and internal newsletter.

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Simple but common resources that need. The layout must be Denmark Email List and in accordance with the well-known guidelines: house style, brand, design, communication and accessibility. More than 250,000 Dutch people have a visual impairment in both eyes , according to the Eye Fund . In Denmark Email List , about 8% of men and 0.5% of women suffer from color blindness (Oogfonds, 2021). So this is important to keep in Denmark Email List . 3 tips to make your emails more accessible

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