In your press release you tell your story, what the news value is Czech Republic Email List why this matters. Leave it to journalists to turn this into a nice article. After all, that’s their job. 7. Spelling Write flawlessly, and do a double check! All the effort you have put into your press release will be lost if it looks unkempt. How can the reader take your message seriously if you don’t even do it yourself? Your press release as a pyramid Czech Republic Email List are not only busy writing, they are also inundated with information. To work effectively, they are masters of quickly scanning, reviewing and processing the press releases they see.

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As a smart PR professional, you want to respond to this and Czech Republic Email List journalists in this. Therefore, write your press release in the form of an inverted pyramid ! The first impression is decisive. If a journalist loses his attention, your chance is lost, so get straight to the point. Give your press Czech Republic Email List a catchy subject line and get the first paragraph right to the heart of your news, including key facts. In the following paragraphs you clarify your story, give more details and illustrate. Here too, you start with the most Czech Republic Email List information, and then decrease in order of importance.

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Hence the analogy of the inverted pyramid. Write Czech Republic Email List By starting with the most important information, you immediately grab the attention of the journalist. If interested, the reader can easily find out more by scrolling further. When a reader clicks away halfway Czech Republic Email List your press release, you have conveyed your message. A win-win situation! By constructing your press release as an inverted pyramid, you take a lot of work off the hands of journalists. Limited space and a readership with short spans of attention mean that articles often have to be short in substance but with a high information density. By pouring Czech Republic Email List press release in that form in advance, you increase your chance of publication considerably! Also read: 11 handy PR tips and tricks that always work

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