Your reader wants to know that you are a professional who Palau Email List what it is talking about. Check your text thoroughly. Not only on spelling mistakes, but also on working links. Do you link to relevant material? I can write in this article that research has shown that 500 word blogs perform best, but if I then link to information from 2001 you are going to question my knowledge. You’re more likely to think: has she Palau Email List living under a rock? A few tips: Read your text aloud. Then you can hear which sentences don’t go well or where you missed a word Leave your text (if possible) for a day. This way you give yourself the chance to let the story Palau Email List up. I can guarantee that you will want to make adjustments the next day.

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Check all links in your text. Check the date of the content Palau Email List are linking to. Is it quite outdated? See if you can find a more recent source . Check contact details that you publish with the content. And make sure that if a person is mentioned, he or she is also aware of it. Check that all visuals Palau Email List properly (in different browsers). Check how the content looks on mobile . Man winks and holds big red heart in his hands. 5. Provide calls-to-actions that are just as enticing as Regé-Jean Page There will be no conversion without a call-to-action of course. A lot has been written about the ideal call-to-action , and I’d like to add this list: Explain clearly Palau Email List you want the reader to do.

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Sign up’ or ‘Request a demo’ for example. Always start with an Palau Email List word. Get to the point and make your call to action no longer than 5 words. Even shorter on mobile. Always test how your call-to-action looks on mobile. Create urgency with words like ‘now’, ‘immediately’ or ‘today’. Create exclusivity with a word like ‘exclusive’. Your reader likes to feel special. Emphasize the benefits to the reader. ‘Get our free Palau Email List ‘ or ‘Save 20% today’. Below are a few examples of calls-to-actions that we’ll both probably click on right away and hopefully inspire you. Call to action Hello Fresh Source: Call to action Netflix Source: Call to action Picnic Source: I hope it got you thinking. In my opinion, content can always be more attractive to the Palau Email List . Use these tips with new content, but also take a look at existing content.

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