So sometimes when I’m stressed and trying to get everything done fast. I force myself to slow down. I go slower. I eat slower. I speak and walk more slowly. It might have been uncomfortable for the first minute or so. But after a short time, my brain stopped. Functioning and the stress started to disappear. Replaced by more inner peace. 31. Tell yourself: take care of today.

Ask instead of guess.

Just focus on that. Forget all those tomorrows. All about your yesterday. Get smaller, shrink your focus dramatically, just today. Then you can take care of tomorrow. This is very useful when you are feeling overwhelmed. 32. Breathe. Release stress, calm your Gmail Email List mind and body, and reconnect with the present moment by fully focusing on your breath. Breathe through your belly for 1-2 minutes, focusing only on the air you breathe in and out. 33.

Spend 80% of your time on solutions.

The three essential elements of energy proficiency. What are these three foundations? Get enough sleep, eat healthy, and exercise a few times a week. I know, these things are pretty obvious. But if you manage all three in a good way in practice, your mood, energy. Outlook on life, and your ability to handle stress can make a big difference.

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