Start small. Say no to one little thing you don’t want to do this week. Or forgive someone for a thing. Or help and make someone happy in some small way. Take a small step outside your comfort zone. 10. Live your life well despite setbacks. It’s easy to give in when things have been stationary for a while or you hit a bump in the road. Zoom out. give up or give up. But in these cases.

6. Say no when you feel it’s the right thing for you.

a better way to say yes to happiness is to say yes to a fulfilling life. How to do it: keep going. When you fail or make mistakes, don’t give up. Re-establish optimism by using further questions in this article. Find inspiration from books and blogs and the people arubaemail around you. And don’t blame yourself. Instead, get yourself back on track. Remember, it’s not too late to change your life. I didn’t really try to improve my life until I was 25.

People will be more receptive to your rejection if you disarm them first

What do I really want to focus my time and energy on?

Many people around the world and throughout history have made positive changes in their lives, much longer than that. So if you want to make a change, start today. Use your current location. Start small and take the first step towards something new. Ask yourself this question as you review your schedule. Before you say anything, think and see what your top priorities are and what you want from the bottom of your heart.

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