Let viewers know exactly how many tips you’re going to teach them, or Bulgaria Email List a promise when they finish the video. For example: that you give away a discount code in the video. Bonus tip: make sure the title is no longer than 60 characters. This ensures that the title is not truncated. Tip #3. Bulgaria Email List the description The video description is an important factor in addition to optimizing the title. There is space for a maximum of 1,000 characters, with the first 125 characters being the most important. YouTube displays the first 125 characters, which is the amount of text that users see.

Steps to Taking Your Business

YouTube recommends putting the most important Bulgaria Email List and CTAs at the beginning of the description. Do not forget: Include keywords in the description. Add a URL of your website and of your social media platforms. Optimize the description With a well-filled description, YouTube can Bulgaria Email List what the video is about and show it to the right people. Tip #4. Add the correct #tags Did you know that just like on Instagram and Facebook, on YouTube you can use hashtags to increase your visibility? You can add hashtags in the video description and they will appear in the title of the video.

Bulgaria Email List

Out of Your Office and Into Your Dream

Here you can use quite a few keywords and perhaps also a Bulgaria Email List of hashtags from your competitors. This ensures that your videos are shown faster in the ‘next’ section. Pay attention! It is important that the hashtags match the expectations of the viewers and that there are not too many hashtags. There is a maximum of 15 hashtags per video. Tip #5. Add video tags Also add the appropriate tags. After you’ve Bulgaria Email List the title and description, you can place “tags” that help searchers find your videos. Tags are not visible to viewers, they are for YouTube reference. Feel free to add as many variations of keywords and terms that are relevant to your videos as you can.

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