Businesses resistant to deploying new technologies will be overtaken by. The businesses and forward thinking companies, who have chosen to simply think differently. The organisations that will succeed will be those that embrace technology as. the catalyst to change their working practices and not those that are simply deploy technology as a means to do the same of work a bit quicker. Show me the money!

Public relations involves building

The vendors must stop selling and start learning. Learning about what matters to business, learning about how the business actually makes money and how they can help. All businesses want to know is how to make more money, more quickly, more List Building for MLM efficiently and more calmly. The pace of change in business is accelerating and therefore businesses. Must deploy technology for competitive advantage, but only user acceptance will define whether a business will use systems successfully or not.

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Equally, business owners owe it to themselves to embrace technology and start demanding. That the salespeople present their wonderful new systems in terms of. What it can do for their companies and not what it can do for the vendors targets. Get them to accurately present the return on investment no matter what the product or its features. The R&D departments designed the equipment or systems to make money so press the salesman to come up with the information.

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