Especially for technology-intensive start ups that rely on innovation, these are business-critical issues. And not all providers have yet in place the procedures for ensuring all these. COMMON REASONS FOR SMB OUTSOURCING · Network Connectivity. Monitoring and Management of WAN, Routers, Internet Connections, VPN · Security. Monitoring and Management of Firewall, Virus Protection, Spam Prevention, IDS / IPS

What is in practice?

Data Backup / Archiving: Offsite Storage, Shared SAN, Data Centers, Archiving Services · Messaging and Collaboration: Email, Web Conferencing · Software Fronk Oil Mailing Address Applications: Licensing Management, ASP · Desktop Management: Helpdesk, Break/Fix · Server Management: Monitoring Health and Performance Thresholds, Break/Fix, Administration · Web Development / E-Commerce · Database Administration Understanding:

integrated marketing.

A clear understanding about the outsourcing process and benefits is minimal among small companies. Offshore software services vendors are more interested in adding Fortune 500 names to their client lists and hence have failed to educate small businesses about the benefits of outsourcing. Volume of work: Large service providers would rather work with large corporations that can outsource large volumes of work.

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