Frame’ your vacancies Then the time has come: your potential Switzerland Phone Number List colleague has arrived at the vacancy text. Then it is time for an attractive vacancy text and title. Because say yourself. Is it your dream to become a writer of product texts? I don’t think so. Product editor, on the other hand, already sounds a lot more attractive. Just an example from Coolblue which Switzerland Phone Number List shows that the wording of a vacancy can influence you. While the function means the same. For example, transporter VDH does not call its staff drivers, but freight managers . What’s in a name? If you create a term that changes the perception of the vacancy, we call it framing . A persuasion technique where words and images actually make the difference.

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By the way, don’t get me wrong: you should never lie about the Switzerland Phone Number List actual job description and even the most ‘jolly’ job titles are now bad in my opinion. Moreover, it is important for the findability of your labor market communication and your Switzerland Phone Number List vacancies (in search engines such as Google). to prominently incorporate the most common terms here. Also read: 9 handy tools to write even better vacancy texts What you see more and more successful in this area is – coming back to the first step – an overarching campaign concept that positively highlights the work in the relevant sector, without specifically naming that sector or vacancy. Think again of I care and Working on Peace and Security, but also on Working with meaning.

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Staying in touch Okay, not literally this time of course. But you Switzerland Phone Number List can also think of triggers remotely that make the applicant feel special. In any case, ensure that you respond in a timely manner and – despite all the circumstances – maintain contact with regard Switzerland Phone Number List to the application. For example, by calling, by sending a challenging assignment, by scheduling a video call or by sending something afterwards. Receiving a handwritten card or another preview from the organization after a (video) conversation already comes across as very personal and close.

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