For example, if they want to go skydive or eat at a really good restaurant, then help them take that step and eventually book. Or the two of you can come up with steps they can take to save for bucket list items and make plans for when they can preorder. 41. Help them understand how they can change their lives. Point out how your friends or colleagues spread kindness and happiness in their lives. Because many people don’t know how much good they do for others, or they underestimate their own positive impact.

If they have a bad day, cook their favorite food.

So help them see themselves in a more positive light so they don’t sink or sink into low self-esteem. 42. Help them help others. For example, the two of you can help a mutual friend solve a problem. Or sign up to do some work at a local charity or handout. 43. Remind them of shared happy memories. It’s a simple french mobile phone number format and fun thing to do for both of you. Cheer up him or her — and yourself — by talking about trips and nights you’ll never forget, fun things that happened at school, and some of the good times you both had together.

Pick up your favorite takeout food.
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Help them deal with things

Temporarily take your attention away from the problem. Watch a few movies, play some football, or go out for some good food and drinks. It’s a simple but great thing for anyone who needs a temporary distraction to relax and recharge. 45. Do an activity together that gets them a new emotion. For example, go out to eat or cook some spicy food to get a kick from the heat. Or go for a cold shower. Or spend a little time in the sauna. In my experience.

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