In addition, the animals even seemed to display Britain Email List traits. The chimpanzees, for example, collected food before ‘watching TV’ to munch on while watching. We humans also love to plop in front of the TV with a bowl of chips. Besides the fact that this news, just like the fish Great Britain Email List , comes across as comical, there is something else that stands out. The zoos have announced that they will Great Britain Email List this experiment at least until the end of March, after which they will evaluate the initiative… Coincidentally, isn’t it? 3.

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Bye bye pizza Hawaii Domino’s is going to stop serving Great Britain Email List Hawaii. They themselves call this action ‘bye bye pizza Hawaii’. Actually, the promotion goes a bit further than that, because they say they don’t make pizzas with pineapple on them anymore. “We received more Great Britain Email List more questions about our pineapple pizzas via our social media channels. Tastes and wishes of our customers change over time. In order to respond to this as well as possible, we regularly adjust our menu. Even if that means Great Britain Email List having to say goodbye to an iconic pizza,” said Casper Mooyman.

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Domino’s Marketing Director in a press release. Great Britain Email List seems to believe this action online. And I have to say, the videos on social media also seem unbelievable to me. But the idea itself isn’t even that crazy. Pineapple on a pizza turns out not to be Italian at all. That is also the reason Great Britain Email List , for example, Satriale’s Pizzabar has removed all pineapple pizzas from the menu. Satriale’s Pizzabar, on the Amsterdamsestraatweg in Utrecht, had even put up a number of prohibition signs as a playful action : Great Britain Email List for pineapples.

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