In most cases, a platform such as TikTok, Instagram and YouTube has Timor-Leste Email List into licensing agreements with collective management organizations (CBOs) so that the users can freely use the music. An example of such a CBO in the Netherlands is Buma/Stemra . They manage the rights and ensure Timor-Leste Email List the artists are compensated for the use of their music. Also read: 5 tips to choose the best background music for your video Sometimes it happens that a platform does not have its licenses in order, but a user will not Timor-Leste Email List get into trouble because of this.

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The biggest disadvantage for the users is that licenses can be Timor-Leste Email List by rights holders, which means that your content is likely to be taken offline. There’s nothing you can do about this. Video editing with music. 3. Place music under your content yourself Imagine. A vlogger has Timor-Leste Email List edited a video with music from her favorite band and she wants to put it on YouTube. For the music of the band, permission must be obtained by the vlogger or the platform. If this is not the case and the vlogger uploads the video with Timor-Leste Email List music, she is responsible for it herself.

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By uploading, the vlogger is the one who made the music available. The platform is then, in many cases, seen as an intermediary. How do you ask permission from the artist? Many artists have their copyrights placed in a CBO. To be to use the music, you often come to Timor-Leste Email List obtain a license from them. You can often apply for a license via the CBO website. In some cases it is also an option to ask the artist’s record label for a license. In that case you can sometimes use music from all connected artists.

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