That’s called empathetic listening. See what someone needs Guinea Email List then consciously choose what you give back from the knowledge and experience you have to offer. Only then will you deliver value and ensure connection. 2. Be nourishing and positive Your social and online presence is Guinea Email List more important than your resume these days. And everything you post remains traceable. For that reason alone, be very aware of what you post, because it becomes part of your online identity. A tip is therefore to only share Guinea Email List content: opt for fun, lessons, tips and recommendations.

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Always avoid negativity. 3. Be really present where you Guinea Email List yourself Social media is a two-way street. It is therefore only logical that you are actively present on the platform you choose to profile yourself on. Gone are the days when we could only be reached by email or phone. Yes, it takes time Guinea Email List reply to your private messages or comment under posts, but the moment you go online, you choose to do so. Private messages also have really nice conversations, so don’t just leave something like that to an assistant. LinkedIn is Guinea Email List of the best platforms to engage in social selling and get customers to come to you. So make sure you’re there.

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. No excuses. 4. Make the most of LinkedIn: start Guinea Email List ! Most LinkedIn users just send. At best, they think about their posts and respond under their own Guinea Email List . But so much more is possible. Think of social selling. In response to comments, also engage in private conversations and make sure that you actively look for potential customers. Your network is probably nowhere as high-quality Guinea Email List large as on LinkedIn, so make use of it and learn to search and make contact. 5. 4-1-1 rule: the balance

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