Robert Louis Stevenson “Dare to be a momentary stumble. To dare, is to lose yourself.” Soren Kierkegaard “It takes courage to grow and be who you really are.” EE Cummings “If you can’t take risks, you can’t grow. If you can’t grow, you can’t be the best. If you can’t be the best, you can’t be happy. If you can’t be happy, what else is there.  Les Brown “To overcome fear, all you have to do is: realize that the fear is there, and take the action you fear no matter what.

Ralph Waldo ·Emerson

Peter McWilliams Diane Mary Child’s Quotes of Courage “Trust that still, tiny voice.  This might work, I’ll give it a try. Diane Maryschild “Many of our dreams seem impossible at first, then they seem improbable, and then, when we summon the will, they schools email address list quickly become inevitable.” Christopher Reeve “Nothing in life is scary, it’s just being understood. Now is the time to learn more so we can be less afraid. Marie Curie Related: 140 Funny Quotes to Lighten Your Mood and Reduce Stress.

George Sheehan

Remembering that I’m going to die soon is the most important tool I’ve ever come across to help me make big life choices. Because of almost everything – all the external expectations, all the pride. All the embarrassment Or the fear of failure—these things disappear in. The face of death, leaving only what really matters. Steve Jobs “Most of the important things in the world are done by people. Who keep trying when there seems to be no hope. Dale Carnegie “The greatest test of courage on earth is not to lose heart to failure.

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