The starting point of the festivities in Paris. Of the 300.000 pedestrians who circulated on average every day in a normal year on the street. This year they were around 35.000. The same was done by the large commercial galleries. Which filled their windows Jiangsu mobile phone number list with Christmas items in November despite the fact that the influx of public was limited (and the stores were closed). “It is good that they have maintained it. It is like a balm for the heart.” said one of the inhabitants of the neighborhood in which one of those Parisian department stores is located.

Galeries Lafayette hesitated to keep the Christmas decorations because of their high cost. But decided to go ahead and offer a “more beautiful than ever” Christmas. “We have made savings in many things. But not in that.” explains one of its directors. London. Like Paris. Has resumed opening stores with Christmas lights. On December 5. When they came out Jiangsu mobile phone number list of the closure due to the temporary confinement that England had experienced. The large London stores also premiered their lighting and their shop windows. A focus of attraction. Many lights. Recycled materials or promises of the greenest shop windows are the protagonists. Selfridges’ iconic windows are inspired by a study by the company that found that 8 in 10 Britons want as normal a Christmas as possible this year. For this reason.

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Its shop windows reflect Christmas traditions. And. In a way. That seems to be the dominant trend in the great Christmas windows. “We think it’s more important than ever to follow our lead this year.” Linda Fargo. Chief fashion officer and former Bergdorf Jiangsu mobile phone number list Goodman window manager. Told The New York Times . Despite their high costs and despite the fact that the companies behind them are not going to amortize them. If they are maintained it is because it is felt that a little magic needs to be given to consumers in difficult times (although this is not without its its critical part: is it worth betting on maintaining that magic when this can end up creating large crowds that will be dangerous in terms of contagion?). Shop windows with social distance The windows of Macys.


The great American chain and one of the landmarks of Christmas lighting in New York. Have dedicated the lights to essential workers. “It is a love letter to all essential workers. New Yorkers. Emergency teams. Protesters for equality who showed their true Jiangsu mobile phone number list essence in this complicated year.” explained the chain’s window design manager a few weeks ago to the local press. . Manny Urquizo. Of course. To see the shop windows and stand before them. Consumers will have to do so at marked points that help maintain social distance. Other chains have made windows that work well from a distance.

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So that they can be seen from afar and you don’t have to crowd in front of them. Some chains have eliminated elements that brought together large masses of the public. This is what happens with Cortylandia. The festive decoration that El Corte Inglés Jiangsu mobile phone number list places in one of its Madrid centers. The one located in Preciados. “There is not going to be Cortylandia. We are going to install another type of simpler decoration this year.” the workers who were doing the assembly explained to In previous years. The local police already had to control the capacity. It does not seem like the type of activity recommended for the year of the coronavirus.

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