The contract I’m currently working is coming to a close and I’m going to have the time to get things back up and rocking. I have a lot of experience in Affiliate Marketing and am not worried that I can again achieve Super Affiliate status. AdWords PPC is a tricky beast and if you aren’t careful it can bite you hard. For this reason I’m treating it very much like fire.

Pricing policy for new products.

Very very useful but wild at heart and able to burn up swaths of cash if not watched carefully. It was this tricky nature of the beast that prompted me to write Internet Marketers Companion in the first place. I’m still working on IMC and look Interior Designers Email List forward to the next release which will retrieve an emailed Google AdWords report file and pump the data in. I’m not sure whether to call Internet Marketers Companion a success or failure. In some ways I think it’s a success.

Pricing policy to penetrate a large market.

I planned it out and completed the project and got it to market. In other ways I think of it as a failure. I’m not sure people understood how powerful it is, and because of that couldn’t get their heads around it’s worth. On the other hand it requires a lot of fiddling to get reports and put the data in. It does a great job of it’s primary function though, to cut the time it takes to get useful stats.

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