Internet Marketers Companion is still so much easier than hand adding data to spreadsheets and as the data is all in hand it is easy to add extra reports. I would have loved more of a take up and at the current low price point and full featured demo would still love that, if only for the feedback extra eyes can add in helping make things run better. The initial learning curve is quite steep and that is daunting.

Price management.

I also believe that a lot of marketers don’t keep the stats like I wanted and would benefit from doing so. While it didn’t sell great numbers, I find myself enjoying using it and will continue to improve IMC if only for use in my own business. Back to Emails of Pastors in The US the story. In thinking of AdWords PPC as a fire that has died down, you need to apply similar tactics to bring it back roaring to life.

Discounts and refunds of part of the payment;

Sure you could throw gasoline of the fire and have things flare up but you could also get badly burned by that. Better to get down close and gently blow on the embers to stir them back to life. Take a slow, careful approach and watch things carefully. With a little attention and tender loving care the embers will burn brighter and start flaming again. I have already brought a couple of long forgotten campaigns back to life and am seeing sales.

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