knowing that we may have lost some time, but we haven’t lost. Our creative energies or will to get the job done. You see, nobody ever died from having to hit that reset button. Yes, sometimes there can be a lot of pain in the process and sometimes. Even with our best efforts we can’t always recreate the work we lost, sometimes we just run out of time. But in the big picture, the reset button works, just as it always has.

Maximum profit pricing based on

And we know, that if the reset button isn’t pressed, then we can’t do anything except sit and stare at a blank blue screen. We can’t start to makeup for what we lost until the reset button is pushed. So there we are. The reset button on the Physician Email List world economy has been pushed, and soon enough, everything will be working again. Then, and only then, all we can do is just get back to our work.

Breakeven point analysis

I have been extremely busy for the last two years and have sadly neglected the Affiliate Marketing side of the business. What was a thriving 4 figure a month income has dwindled to barely covering costs. This can happen for a number of reason over time. Escalating competition driving up the PPC cost to the point that a campaign is no longer profitable, merchants switching Affiliate Sites or shutting down Affiliate Sales and many varied other reasons.

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