But what else is there to do? The computer works, I know what I need to do, and I go about starting over. The world economy was moving along snappily. China on the rise, the Euro strong, a home for every American, wages steady. Then things start loading up. Oil. Easy credit. Deficit spending. Never ending entitlements. Toys in every garage. Debt increasing, savings decreasing. Our system was piling up and, how about that? It froze. In the world’s economy however, nobody has to push a reset button. The markets do that on their own.

Choice of pricing method.

The reset button for the world economy. Our system froze – and the fix is to reset it. Restart the system back to where it is working again by offloading all the activities that were starting to bottleneck the processing of financial functions. That’s where Pharmaceutical Email List we are today. The rest button got pushed, and you and I have lost a half-day’s work. Or maybe in my case, a half-decade. While I am cursing my poor luck, I know that we are all in this reset period.

Cost based pricing (average cost plus profit);

We all need to sit back up in the chair and start working away to make up for our lost material. We can do it. We’ve done it before, and most assuredly, will need to do it again sometime down the road. Just like we’ll be able to recreate the work we lost when the computer froze, we will be able to recover what we lost when the economy reset. For us average Joes, sitting at our computers and trying to take this all in, well sometimes we just need to take a deep breath and start keyboarding again,

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