This study shows how this inclination remains positive: 41.76% of the population asserts that this year 2020 they will buy more online than last year (the Vietnam phone number percentage of respondents who answered the same in 2019 was much lower: from 33.48%). Therefore. The number of Spaniards who will buy more or less the same amount of products . (being 28.16% in 2020 vs. 43.87% in 2019). Likewise. This year the number of regulars to the online channel increases: 16.21% will make each and every one of their purchases through the network . (compared to 10.40% in 2019).

The increasing predisposition towards saving on the part of Spanish households is also evident in this matter: 6.46% of consumers assure that this Christmas they will take more into account the economy of their pocket and therefore. They will buy Vietnam phone number less online ; while 7.42% will not buy anything on the Internet . This year I will buy more online than last year: 41.76% (vs. 33.48% in 2019) This year I will buy more or less the same number of products online as last year: 28.16% (vs. 43.87% in 2019) This year I will do all my Christmas shopping online: 16.21% (vs. 10.40% in 2019) This year I will buy less online than last year: 6.46% (vs.

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5.70% in 2019) This year I will not buy anything online: 7.42% (vs. 6.55% in 2019) What budget will Spaniards invest in gifts this Christmas 2020? Everything points to a change in purchasing behavior as a result of the coronavirus crisis. As reflected Vietnam phone number in the study data. This 2020 the Spanish will prioritize savings over spending in relation to the acquisition of Christmas presents . More than half of the population. Specifically 53.98%. Plan to spend a maximum of 200 EUR. (This percentage is made up of: 31.59% who will spend between EUR100 and EUR200 and 22.39% who will spend less than EUR100 ). Between 200EUR and 300EUR will be the amount allocated by 26.79 %of those surveyed .

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A figure that decreases in contrast to 2019). Likewise. The number of buyers who will dedicate a total amount of between 300EUR and 400EUR also decreases compared to 2019. This year being 10.58%. Finally. Only 8.65% will waste more than Vietnam phone number EUR400. A percentage that also decreases compared to the previous year (in 2019 it was 16.10%). Less than 100EUR: 22.39% (option not considered in 2019) Between 100 and 200EUR: 31.59% (vs. 30.20% in 2019) Between 200 and 300EUR: 26.79% (vs. 32.91% in 2019) Between 300 and 400EUR: 10.58% (vs. 20.80% in 2019) More than 400EUR: 8.65% (vs. 16.10% in 2019) This year. At what point have Spaniards started/will they start buying Christmas and/or Epiphany gifts? It’s hard to miss the incredible offers and discounts of the black friday.

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That seems to be the thinking of the majority of Spaniards. Since 44.51% say they have taken advantage of Black Friday to kick off their Christmas shopping. Thus benefiting from better prices . In a year in which it is not very feasible to make long-term plans. The Vietnam phone number of consumers rises (percentage constituted by 32.42% ) who prefer to live day to day and leave this type of shopping for two or three weeks before Christmas . Also. With 12.50%. The number of people who prefer to make their purchases “last minute” rises. On the contrary. A small part of the population is very far-sighted. Since 10.58% say they have started this activity in September/October.

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