A new month has begun: the moment when people switch Cambodia Phone Number List jobs. Now that many offices are closed and people are working from home en masse, such a familiarization period looks a bit different. How do you get to know your colleagues without the chatter at the coffee machine? I spoke with Nina Meeuwes, Sanne Meulman and Andy Raaff and collected some tips for when you face a similar situation. A weird start However you get used to it, starting a new job from home is a strange start to such a drastic change. Especially because you know it’s going to take a while.

Is Often The Same

When colleagues mention that it is really a bizarre start Cambodia Phone Number List for me, it gives a sense of understanding,” says Nina Meeuwes . She started her new job in Rotterdam in March. She herself comes from North Brabant. The first week of work she was still able to go to the office to get to know her colleagues, but soon after that she stayed at home. “I was not prepared for Cambodia Phone Number List that. Our department usually does not work from home.” Fortunately, all sails were immediately set aside to offer support. Especially when a week later everyone started working from home. ICT manuals have been circulated and online platforms have sprung up. Sanne Meulman also started a new job in March, from behind her laptop at the kitchen table.

Management Concludes

Cambodia Phone Number List

Not entirely unexpected, because the famous handshake Cambodia Phone Number List was already omitted during. The employment conditions meeting. “It’s a really crazy situation, but that’s it for everyone.” But it also has advantages, Sanne said. I am much more aware of the Cambodia Phone Number List times and now I really take the time to immerse myself and read. Normally you often get to work (too) quickly. You are more likely to be taken along by the ‘issues of the day’. Present your case via Google Hangouts 30-year-old Andy Raaff recently applied for a vacancy. The first meeting still took place in the office, but colleagues were already working from home. “The abandoned building was not a turn off for me.

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