More and more clothing brands are focusing on fair remuneration. Circularity Benin Email Lists quality to the life of clothing. A good example of this is outdoor clothing brand Patagonia , which helps consumers repair clothing. Rapha , which sells high-end cycling clothing, also focuses on the reuse of materials and Benin Email Lists lifespan in their goals. Emma , ​​producer of safety shoes, goes one step further and has a circular collection in which all raw materials are recycled. With this concept, which they call Shoe as a Service, the customer no longer pays for Benin Email Lists the shoe, but rather for its use.

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Designers are also developing various strategies to strengthen. The Benin Email Lists between product and user, and in this way to prolong use: design for longevity . Think, for example, of a leather armchair that wears nicely, or a product that you have been able to put together or co-design. 5. Data can be used for Benin Email Lists Digitization ensures an explosive availability of data. Think of e-commerce, sharing platforms, product-as-a-service and the internet-of-things. This data is an opportunity for companies to organize their processes more Benin Email Lists and sustainably.

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For example with the help of artificial intelligence . For Benin Email Lists , AI can help bring together local supply and demand in sustainable energy markets. Blockchain technology is also being to enable online peer-to-peer markets so that prosumers and consumers can trade self-generated energy. Benin Email Lists Coffee uses blockchain to make the chain fairer, giving coffee farmers the opportunity to add more value. Data can also help to make chains more transparent and provide insight into the social costs. Consider, for example, Benin Email Lists SDG tracker , which uses data to make clear to what extent governments are making progress in achieving sustainability goals (the previously mentioned SDGs). From Purpose To Practice

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