Linking to the personnel motivation system depending on the results achieved. These strengths are combined, since for each enterprise the compilation and. Implementation of BSC is a unique, inimitable process, so it is impossible to say with certainty. What positive changes this will lead to. All these changes can only be obtained by experience, involving and. Motivating staff to participate in the process.

give meaning to every management decision.

For example, the BSC implementation process may entail the creation of a system for. Appraisal and evaluation of personnel and initiate the process of creating a training system. Weak sides Fuzziness of BSC Implementation As noted at the beginning Buy Bitcoin Email Leads of this article. It is very difficult to assess the process of implementing BSC in an organization. Since it takes years to obtain objective results. During this time, many things in the company’s activities have changed.

 impact of a particular process on the result;

The implementation at the first stage, that is, the development of a BSC. Strategic map for top management, is quite fast and clear, but moving forward. Is acquiring problems, as it requires a large amount of preparatory and explanatory work. Moreover, in this case, the participation of the head of the relevant department is mandatory. Seeming ease of use In principle, many readers may get the. Impression that for the development and implementation of BSC, it is enough to study the book by R.

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