It’s also a really good technique for keeping the conversation going. But sometimes it’s not easy because we may want to focus on ourselves. Or maybe we think the best way to make new connections is to make yourself more interesting. But being more interested in a sincere way, asking questions and constantly exploring the other person—such as using a ford tip—rather than directing the conversation back to yourself and what you know right away is often great for making new friends And keep the conversation going today and next week.

Be genuinely interested instead of focusing 

However, be sure to focus on using open-ended questions (questions that cannot be answered with a simple yes or no). For example, ask: “What do you think of this song?” instead of “Do you like this song? “. 4. Talk about the things that excite you. Therefore, being interested business opportunity email leads is often more effective than being interesting. But when the focus of the conversation is on you, what should you be talking about? A good piece of advice is to talk about the things that excite you. Your passion, whether it’s gardening, photography, football, music or more.

Put some other good topics on the back of your mind.
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on being interesting

Because talking about your passion spreads a positive vibe, it shows some of the best parts of you (which might not show much if you just stick to talking about work or current events). It opens up the conversation to other people who share his or her passion, thus creating a more positive vibe in your conversation. 5. Avoid talking about negative topics. There are very few things that can drag down the conversation or stop the flow of words as a negative topic. For example: disease.

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