In the long run, you tend to be treated like others by others. But how can you make someone happier in a practical way? some thoughts: Just listen. Let someone vent and be totally there for a while. It certainly helps him or her to release stress and worries. Encourage. The world can be a tough place at times. So please take a few minutes to encourage someone who is currently in a negative situation.

Focus on optimism.

Add your own more solid and optimistic view of the situation and reduce his or her worries and possibly exaggerated fears. Help in a practical way. If your friend needs help, ask another friend in this situation for advice. Or do some online Canadian Pharmaceutical Email List research. Doing this usually small effort can mean a lot. Express your gratitude. If it’s for something that other people take very seriously, or something you and others generally take for granted, it can mean a lot. 6. Don’t pay too much attention to what other people think.

When you fall, take the kinder path

If you realize they rarely do it, you’re less worried about what people think of you.” A lot of people – and I include significant past periods – get in the way of their lives because of what other people might think or say. Maybe it’s because they’re afraid that people will laugh or analyze what they say or do for the rest of the week or year. But this outlook on life comes from an inaccurate belief. Not from life in most cases. A more realistic scenario is that people in your life are busy worrying about their own lives (and what other people might think of them).

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