When arranging their affairs with governments, people want UK Phone Number List these authorities to respond noticeably to what they need as a customer. They want to be seen and heard. This is completely in line with the motto ‘customer first’.wWich almost every organization dutifully UK Phone Number List includes in its vision on service provision. But is that level of empathy always possible? Is it necessary in every customer process? Or even desirable? And does it suit every organization? In this article we explore these questions with the help of theory and practical examples. Finally, we give you handles to make choices in applying empathy in your services. Empathy as a guideline.

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In our daily work In our role as researcher and advisor, we have UK Phone Number List many conversations with ‘customers’ (residents, clients, people entitled to social assistance, job seekers, students, etc.). In those conversations, ’empathy’ is a key word . Because we notice that to be able to build and maintain a relationship it is essential that you understand and understand the other. That is UK Phone Number List only possible if you can empathize with his or her needs, you can put yourself in his or her situation. If you feel what moves the other. Can’t you? Then it becomes a challenge to really get to the core. And to build and maintain a good relationship.

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As we recently read in Psychology Magazine: ‘Experiencing feelings UK Phone Number List for each other is an important condition for the development of connection. It creates an emotional bond.’ Women talking to each other at laptop. Source: unsplash.com Empathy as a guideline for (government) organizations We like to be inspired by others. This is how we found the research work of Maike UK Phone Number List Klip. Maike is a UX employee at DUO and is constantly looking for how civil servants and governments work and function, especially in the digital field. She triggered us with her blogs about empathy. Klip investigated, among other things, the extent to which empathy is important and relevant in the (digital) actions of government organizations.

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