As a content marketer you are always faced with choices. What content do you use to achieve your goals? At which moment? And through which channel? The amount of options does not make it any easier. Fortunately, there are methods that give you something to hold on to. In this article I explain how a Equatorial Guinea Email List journey map helps you to take advantage of content opportunities. What is customer journey mapping? Customer journey mapping is a way to visually map the customer journey. Such a customer journey shows which phases a potential customer goes through.

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Someone who comes into contact with your company for the first time often has no intention to buy. Your potential customer is orientating and wants to know what you have to offer. Only later are the various options considered, hopefully resulting in a conversion. At each stage of the Equatorial Guinea Email List journey, your potential customer has different questions, concerns, and needs. That is valuable information for you as a content marketer. But it is difficult to work with fragments of information. A customer journey map provides an overview. You bring all the data you collect about your potential customer together in the customer journey map.

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How that person moves online, which devices and channels someone uses, and perhaps most importantly: what someone thinks and feels. In a customer journey map, the (emotional) experience of the customer is always central. The customer journey map as a content compass Customer Equatorial Guinea Email List mapping is not something you do in between. It takes time to get into the mind of the customer. Especially if you are going to conduct interviews and work with real customer experiences. But the investment pays for itself doubly. A customer journey map helps you determine direction and set the course. It’s your content compass.

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