One thing that has really helped me turn this around and have more fun and success in social situations is using conscious breathing. If you want to try the same thing, this is what I did before my date: I slowed down a few minutes before I was going to meet my date. I stopped. I stood still or sat on a bench for about 2 minutes. I just focus on my breathing. By doing this, I was able to calm my mind and body and return to a healthier present.

Calm down before you say something 

3. Calm down before you say something you don’t really mean to say. When someone criticizes you or makes a verbal attack, sometimes it’s tempting to hit back quickly. Might say something worse. Escalate the situation to something very negative. So instead, when someone says something like that, just do a few abdominal Nondepository Credit Institutions Email List breaths and just focus on them. Just 3 or 5 deep breaths can go a long way. Then reply to what was said or the email or message you received. It will save you a lot of trouble and anger.

You don’t really mean to say.

It will help you stay on track in many situations, give a calm answer. Or simply drop what is said and move on. Really listen and be here. I’ve found that if I focus on my breath for 1 minute before talking and then use all my senses to focus on what’s going on around me – smells, sounds, how I feel on my skin, what I can see – 1 minute later, I became more focused and alert during the conversation. So I hear better.

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