Before you start, I recommend that you first ask Switzerland Email Database why you want to make an NFT. In my previous article on NFTs , I wrote about the obscene energy consumption required to make an NFT. That touches a lot of sensitive nerves worldwide . Are you doing it for fun? Or really Switzerland Email Database you have a serious creation that you would like to sell? Step 2: elaborate the legal framework Also work out the legal framework well. What about property when sold? In terms of copyright, intellectual property and possible royalties . Look carefully at the conditions of the platform where you upload. What do you all agree to? Step 3: choose a sales platform The largest selling platform of NFTs is OpenSea .

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This is also the easiest to use, so I’ll use that in the next steps. You need a digital wallet for this, of which Metamask is the most used and can easily be added as a plugin in, for example, Chrome or on the iPhone . Step 4: Link your wallet At the top right of the OpenSea site, click Create > Submit NFTs . Then you Switzerland Email Database your MetaMask account to OpenSea in the next step. Step 5: Upload your artwork If MetaMask is linked, you will see the My Collections screen . There is also a big blue button with Create , with which you can upload your digital artwork just as easily as you do with a video on YouTube. Just upload the file, enter the correct title, description Switzerland Email Database keywords and the NFT is ready! Step 6:

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Verify the work You just need to verify the NFT. You can do this by Switzerland Email Database the Create button again and clicking authorize in the automatically opened MetaMask window . After that, the NFT will be live on the platform. Using a platform like OpenSea is free, so you can repeat this process as Switzerland Email Database times as you want. Tulip bulbs and bubbles Tens of billions of basketball cards were printed in the United States in the 1980s, after respected media outlets like the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times labeled them inflation hedges and vof Americans bought them as investments. Like the internet bubble that emerged decades later and the previous cryptocurrency bubble in 2017, they all eventually burst due to oversupply . The current madness will continue for a while.

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