Talk to someone close to you. As mentioned earlier, having a healthier and broader view of what’s going on is an. Important part of handling disappointment in a better way. One of the most effective methods in my experience is to expose it to the light and discuss. With those close to you. By venting while your friend is listening. You can release your inner pressure, work it out for yourself and accept what has happened instead of trying to push it away or ignore it.

Get out of your own head.

If the two of you have a conversation about it, then you can see the situation through someone else’s eyes and another angle. This person can help you keep your feet on the ground and not go from a mole hill to a mountain. The two of you can start working sweden number for whatsapp on an action plan together to see how you will move forward. 7. If your expectations are perfect, adjust them. If you demand or expect perfection in yourself or others, you will usually be disappointed.

Take a break and find other ways to 

So adjust your expectations a bit. If you are disappointed with what you have done, what others have done, or with the situation in your life, ask yourself: Will this happen in 5 years? even 5 weeks? This is one thing that has helped me tremendously not to turn Mole Mountain into a mountain, and to adjust my own expectations. Another useful thing is to remind yourself that if you believe in the perfection myth, then you will hurt yourself and the people in your life.

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