Taking a goal, dream or new habit you’re working on around the world can make a big difference to your motivation level. So tell a few friends on social media what you would do. Or talk to one of them over the phone or in person and ask her to check in on you and your progress regularly. By putting some social pressure on yourself and following up once a week or twice a month, you’ll be less likely to give up or try to escape your commitment when you hit the first hurdle.

Or go after a small goal.

Let the motivation from others (near and far in the world) flow to you. Spend more week with people in your life who are enthusiastic, positive, or optimistic. And let motivation from around the world enter your daily life and thoughts by: Listen to positive Portugal WhatsApp Number List podcasts. Visit the exciting website. Watch inspiring online videos or movies. Explore inspiring books and biographies of the most successful people in history. 15. Have a friendly match. Have some friendly competition with colleagues or school friends, for example.

Pursue bigger goals.

Who can complete a boring or routine task first. The winner gets free ice cream, beer, or other gadgets, but gets incentivized rewards from the other side. 16. Take a break. Yes, sometimes you just need to take a break. Maybe you’re overly optimistic about your goals or time plan for a new habit? Maybe you are working harder than you are now. Then take a break. A few hours or days of rest and recuperation can dramatically change how you feel and recharge your battery.

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