Mix things up. In many relationships, taking each other for granted or falling into repetitive stereotypes can lead to boredom or things not being as exciting as they once were. It doesn’t take much effort to just relax and do the same old things you do all the time. But it would destroy the relationship. So make sure to mix things up. And try new things occasionally. Don’t just step out of your comfort zone on your own time. Do this when you also spend time with your partner or friends.

Be assertive.

E.g: Try a new sport, hobby or restaurant. Go to an event that sounds fun and likes new things. Go somewhere you don’t want the two of you to go for a weekend. 6. Human standards. I often mention that one of the best ways to stop being a perfectionist and become happier is to set human standards yourself. Rather than inhuman standards that no South Korea WhatsApp Number List one can truly live up to. It’s also a great way to find more joy with other people. Setting the perfect standard for your partner, friend or co-worker can lead to a lot of conflict that could have been avoided.

Improve your self-esteem

Over time, it can even lead to the end of a relationship. People will stumble and make mistakes. They won’t always have a good day or perform at their best. They will have flaws. Of course, some things may need to change in the other person for you to continue the relationship. Some missteps could of course lead to the end for both of you. But just by setting human standards for yourself and others, many things smaller than that, causing irritation or argument almost every week, can drastically reduce everyone in your life. Over time, it can have a big impact on how relaxed, open, and happy a relationship is.

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