If a project, a task, or the next step at work or school today seems. Difficult or daunting and you end up procrastinating, break it down into small steps. Each step only takes 5-10 minutes. Then start the first step and start moving forward again. I’ve found that doing this not only frees me from procrastination, it also motivates me and makes the next few steps easier and more fun.

Start slowly.

If breaking down what you’re going to do into small steps is still causing you to procrastinate, break down your tasks into small steps. Steps that can be done in just 1-2 minutes. Then start taking the first step. Most importantly, whatever you actually do, get saudi mobile number started and start moving forward. So be sure to start and finish often using small or tiny steps. 2. Play energy-boosting/mood-altering music.

Remember what Michael Jordan said about failure.
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Review your successes

As I write this, one of the easiest ways to boost my motivation is to take a 10-minute break and play a bunch of songs that are upbeat or motivate me in some way. Breaks like this often help shift my perspective into a more open and inspiring one, and it’s easier to move on after the break is over. 3. Compete in a friendly manner (with others or with yourself). Even if the mission itself is boring, one way to make things more interesting is to turn completing it into a friendly match.

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