And comparing your life to theirs, then you have a great recipe for unhappiness. Because you’re putting your attention and energy in the wrong places. How to do: Focus on you. Compare yourself to yourself. See how far you’ve come. Obstacles you overcome. How you have progressed in the small or sometimes the bigger. Appreciate it and yourself. Don’t focus on what other people have, but what you want in your heart. Ask yourself: What small steps can I take today to achieve this goal/dream?

6. Never try anything new.

Focus your attention on yourself and what you can actually do to boost your self-confidence, start walking your own path, and spend your limited time and energy each day on things that really pay off. Related: 160 Deep Quotes That Make You Think 5. Do not allow uae email yourself time to rest during the day. When you’re busy, busy, busy all the time and don’t have time to recharge yourself, you get tired very quickly. So every step and everything you do starts to get heavier, and you don’t have as much fun pushing and pulling yourself.

10 minutes ahead.

How to do: Take a break every hour. Try setting a 45-minute timer on your phone. During that time, just focus on doing your most important tasks right now. Then, when the bell rings, set the timer to 15 minutes and leave the work area. Grab a snack, take a walk or stretch. By taking breaks and undivided work on your bike like this, you’ll get more done, do better, and be more upbeat and motivated. 10 minutes ahead. Turning the travel time of your day into a relaxing break, rather than the passage of time and space, will only increase your stress levels and other negative emotions.

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