Every time there is an important event, people make trademark Germany Phone Number List applications that refer to that event. It is the same with the coronavirus. People apparently hope to take advantage of the monopoly that a brand offers. For example, one remarkable trademark Germany Phone Number List application. After another is submitted to official trademark authorities, such as the Benelux Office for Intellectual Property. BOIP is the official trademark authority in the Benelux. The question is whether you can monopolize these terms. Notable Requests If you search the Benelux trademark register. You will come across many ‘separate’ trademark applications. Some examples are the following 3 trademark applications.

And That Is Why

By matching insight into specific preferences of residents in the field Germany Phone Number List of participation and communication with the objectives of a participation process. You can draw up a differentiated strategy as a municipality. Necessary, as far as we’re concerned. Because: with a communication and participation strategy based on one size fits all. You as a municipality run the risk of only Germany Phone Number List collecting opinions from a part of your residents; which as a group are not necessarily representative of everyone. A differentiated strategy increases the involvement of all residents in local issues, because you reach a more diverse group.

Citizen Participation

Germany Phone Number List

From insight to strategy The recently conducted study ‘State of Germany Phone Number List Commitment 2020’ provides the necessary insight. We surveyed more than 16,000 Dutch people on the following four topics. The extent to which they are involved in their own living environmentGermany Phone Number List  the trust they have in the municipality. Other institutions what their preference for participation is (e.g. thinking along or participating) what their communication preferences are. Below is a summary of the most important results from the survey – representative for the Netherlands. 1. Channel for thinking along If the government wants to involve

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