1. Our products are in the supply chain field, and the unit SaaS Entrepreneurship Roadmap price per customer is higher than that of general SaaS. What kind of channel is suitable for? Or, why can’t we find the right channel?

2. At what stage is a startup suitable for introducing SaaS Entrepreneurship Roadmap or expanding channels, from product perfection or company sales development stage?

3. We also feel that we should do the channel. We recruited people with channel experience to do it.

Channel policy questions:

4. In an area, should we engage in exclusive business?

5. Is direct sales and channels coexist, or omni-channel or full direct sales?

6. Is there one channel for each business line, or are multiple business lines represented by one agency in the region?

7. Both the regional line and the industry line are running at the same time, and the national line is about to be implemented. How to integrate it?

8. Is it prepaid to get the goods for sale or does the Afghanistan Phone Number manufacturer charge and then rebate?

9. What should the agent do if the channel policy changes frequently? Including rebate rate.

There are many problems in this that I didn’t think about seriously when I was in charge of the channel business, or I just lowered my head to pull the car, but I couldn’t look up the road enough; in short, there were often many problems and frequent mistakes. Now jump out to review and reorganize, from the perspective of reflection and logic, write it out and share it with everyone as a discussion. To the above questions, based on my experience and thinking, I will give a brief reply, looking forward to more valuable thinking collisions and better practical cases.

Who is the right channel partner for us?

Afghanistan Phone Number
Afghanistan Phone Number

Who is the KP in the decision-making chain among the customers, and which companies are also doing business or services around this KP? From willingness to ability, which of these companies is best suit to be our partner? If these companies can’t move forward effectively, who in these companies is the best partner for us? Among these partners, find the right partner from business management experience, financial ability, attitude and style? Who has better development potential?

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