But how many businesses offer unparalleled customer support and service? How many companies know exactly what their customers’ expectations really are? The Have’s and Have nots In the simplest terms there are two categories. Those willing to embrace technology and those who are not. In even simpler terms, the businesses. Who embrace technology equate to 25% of the businesses in the UK. The other 75% will only do something when it is absolutely necessary.

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Whilst it is easy to identify your competition, via the Yellow Pages, you need to think about. What your customers think of you and how loyal they are when it comes to how your efficiency affects their business. If on a personal level we require Legal Leads for Sale instant gratification and an instant response to any problem that may occur why therefore would your customers view you and your business any differently. During the 80s, when a business received a letter, it was acceptable for. The response to take at least a week and sometimes more.

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As fax machines became more widely available the expectation was reduced to a week nowadays the customer’s expectations have reduced the time it takes to send and receive an email and then the customer expects a personalised response. In today’s competitive market place our customers expect us to be using the latest technology in order to provide them with the level of service that they expect.

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