Kill your darlings. It’s often a good idea: to distance yourself from Guyana Email List that may be good in themselves, but ultimately don’t benefit the whole. Especially if you want to write a book. Examples are very important to engage your readers. But the second and third examples might add a little less. Even if they Guyana Email List very good examples. For me, this was the main challenge in the round of revisions after the editor’s input. ‘You have a narrative style, which Saves Complicated it very easy to read. And sometimes it’s quite a lot.’ So what Guyana Email List I cut, while preserving the value of my narrative style? My check question: what will my reader lose if I remove this piece?

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Nothing or not much? Get rid of it! Start writing book #3. After Guyana Email List , only half of the work is done I never realized that there is still so much to do after finishing the manuscript. Aside from the revision and correction rounds on the text. In my first book, for example, the illustrations Guyana Email List a lot of attention. Because I knew what I wanted, roughly, but I can’t make it myself. It should be sleek and simple but inviting. gender-neutral. With a very own vibe. And of course a bit arty. So. Then you have choices about the Guyana Email List of the interior, the type of paper, the cover, flap text, print run, typography, pricing, and so on.

Guyana Email List

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And of course, you want your book to be read. Preferably Guyana Email List as many people as possible. That requires promotion. Doesn’t the publisher do that? Yes certainly. But as an author, you play a major role in this. By being visible on socials, bring your book to the attention. To invite readers to Guyana Email List their experiences. By getting media and reviewers to pay attention to your book ( like here on Frankwatching ). And by Guyana Email List input to the book platforms, responding to podcast invitations. That requires constant attention.

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