Yet small-sized, SMBs are still technology-intensive businesses that require great attention from outsourcing providers. Small businesses should choose outsourcing their IT to those providers with experience in managing SMB projects. What holds them back? At first glance, this key issue can seem redundant with the ones in the previous paragraph. However, we often see a contradiction between SMB IT requirements and how SMBs buy technology.

The sales policy includes the following sections:

For example, SMBs cite tight IT budgets as an inhibitor for adopting technolog. But yet they choose not to use vehicles such as “leasing” to work around limited IT budgets. Creating the right IT solution for SMBs requires a clear understanding Fast Food Direct Mail of their technology and business needs. REASONS SMBs CITE FOR OUTSOURCING · Cost Reduction · Access to better skill sets, depth of experience.

determination of the objectives of the sales policy;

Access to the best / most current technologies · Minimizing downtown · Increasing user productivity · Reallocating personnel to more strategic activities · Convenience SMBs prefer IT solutions that have simple and straightforward pricing (the requirement), but they need the flexibility to consume technology in modular components that can be extended when required (the behavior).

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