Do you want to make it clear that there is a real person Vietnam Email List your text? Then tell us about yourself. Of course you already do that a bit if you write the way you speak or when you use ‘I’ in the text. But you can go one step further. Example of an ‘About the Writer’ block This is what the ‘Vietnam Email List the author’ block of Frankwatching looks like. An ‘About the author’ block (with portrait!) gives your text a personal touch . For example, take a look at the box below this text. Then you not only know that there is a person behind the story, but also who that person is.

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Nice to meet you! Is such a block not an option? Then put Vietnam Email List name above your text. That makes your story more personal. “By the editors” above your blog or article is really a no-go . 9. Advanced: record your texts One last tip for advanced users: record your text. The Correspondent, Wikipedia Vietnam Email List major newspapers such as de Volkskrant and NRC are already experimenting with this. It takes a lot of work and Vietnam Email List , but it’s the ultimate way to show that your texts are from a real person. Namely from you. Usually a personal text is clearer, more fun and more valuable Is there such a thing as too personal lyrics?

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With these nine tips you can turn your articles and blog Vietnam Email List into truly personal texts. But can you go too far with that? How personal you can and should make your texts depends on a few things: your audience, the identity of your organization and the purpose of your text. In some cases a personal text is not necessary or desired. A manual, a press release or the terms and conditions do not have to be personal. But usually a Vietnam Email List text is clearer, more fun and more valuable for reader and writer. So do it! *Source of introduction: Maud

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