We live in a country that is doing well economically and that has a Belize Email Lists position in certain areas of digitization. Think of the role of companies such as ASML, NXP or Booking.com. Or in the field of cybersecurity, or our Fintech systems, such as by Adyen. The digital know-how of Dutch companies is Belize Email Lists bad and deserves all the support they need to play a role on the global stage. Certainly something to be proud of for a small country. It’s not up to the business community when it comes to digitization. Also read: A Ministry of Belize Email Lists Affairs is desperately needed The other side of the digital coin But there is also another side to the digital coin.

Make Your Ex Hate You

The government has released a multi-billion dollar fund, with Belize Email Lists it wants to stimulate investment in the development and production of digital products, among other things. That’s fine, but for the time being she forgets to pay the required attention to society. The digitization of society does Belize Email Lists happen by itself and certainly not flawlessly. Citizens are left to their own devices far too much. The impact of digitization on almost all areas of our society, and therefore on citizens, should cause us great concern. In this Belize Email Lists , much revolves around the role of the government, and it falls terribly short here. The government has little control over what happens in the digital society.

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The Unorthodox Was

She also lacks understanding of how things that to Belize Email Lists in the physical are online. Such as demonstrations or riots. She also has no control over interest groups that Belize Email Lists themselves online, form their opinions and possibly turn against the government. Think of Black Lives Matter, climate children, nursing staff, farmers, the yellow vests, and many others. She herself tries to reach citizens with a Belize Email Lists of websites and messages. As a result, citizens no longer see the forest for the trees. The input from the government and related agencies is fragmented, unclear, ad hoc and also not always safe enough.

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