For small decisions, like whether I should start the next big task of the day, do the dishes or exercise, I give myself 30 seconds or less to make the decision. Set a deadline of one day. For bigger decisions that used to take me days or weeks to (over)think, I might set a deadline of 30 minutes or the end of the workday. Now, of course for some important things, you need to spend more time. But in many cases, you can make the right decision faster and start moving towards your destination.

Remind yourself or the consequences

And build a new useful habit through it. 3. Stop getting lost in the future or the past. Worry often results when you focus too much on what happened and replay it over and over or imagine the future. Paralyzed by fear of past or possible future events that Switzerland WhatsApp Number List you magnify in your mind. How to do: Come here right now. Through the here and now, you don’t dwell on the past, worry or overthink what is or could happen in the future. Of course, it’s good to plan for the future and learn from the past.

Set stop time. 

But in my experience, it seems to happen naturally in a more balanced way when you focus on spending most of your time in the present moment. When you get lost, reconnect with the present moment. If I do drift into the past or future during the day, then I usually sit down for a minute or two and use all my senses to understand what’s going on around me. Sounds, feelings, what I see and what I can smell. This usually brings me back to the present again. 4. Stop working without any clear boundaries.

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