Especially since it will not only make you happier, but also help you live a more fulfilling life. It will also positively affect all other relationships in your life. Because you will have more energy and love to give, those closest to you will experience your joy in finding self-love and expressing yourself, more than in the past. So how can you become better friends with yourself this year?

5. Spread the joy.

Think of three things you can appreciate about yourself. It only takes a minute or less. When you wake up — or if it’s better for you to do it before you go to bed — think about three things you can appreciate about yourself. It doesn’t have to be Laboratories Email List a big deal. It might just be that you’re good at one small, everyday thing. Appreciate anything that works in your favor, even if it might just be your thorough brushing. Because the purpose of this is to think kindly about yourself every day, it becomes an automatic habit after a while.

Type carefully

This will lead to more and more opinionated thoughts popping up in your head when you need them most. When you fall, take the kinder path. Instead of blaming yourself, ask yourself: How would my friends/parents support and help me in this situation? Then act like he or she does and talk to yourself. It will help you be more constructive after the initial pain of a mistake or failure begins to subside. 4. Focus on optimism. “Rather than cursing the darkness, light a little candle.

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