As I mentioned in Tip 1, reminding yourself of the cost of believing the perfection myth is an effective way to replace these habits of mind. It also works well for other thought patterns that hurt self-esteem. Remind yourself of how your inner critic has shaped your life so far. And see in your mind the cost of letting it roam free for a year or five. 6. Say no when you feel it’s the right thing for you.

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In order to have the time and energy to say “yes” to the things that matter most, you must also say “no” to certain things. How to do it: What do I really want to focus my time and energy on? Ask yourself this question when you receive an offer or an email leads for sale opportunity arises. Ask yourself this question as you review your schedule. Before you say anything, think and see what your top priorities are and.

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email leads for sale

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what you want from the bottom of your heart. Disarm, then state your needs. People will be more receptive to your rejection if you disarm them first. For example, you can honestly say that you are flattered or that you appreciate the kind offer to do so. Then you, for example, add that you don’t have time to accept and do what they want. Or maybe you don’t feel the offer is right for your life right now.

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