Focus on solutions, not arguments. Getting caught up in thinking too much about causes and assumptions can be very damaging. Such thoughts going around in circles rarely cause much, other than making the problem bigger and scarier than it really is, and feeling paralyzed or needlessly angry or irritated. So be confident. If there is a problem, exchange your thoughts instead of assuming or trying to read each other’s minds.

Focus completely outward

Find understanding by asking yourself: How would I feel about the situation we are in if I were in his or her shoes? Then focus on solutions together. Yes, one of you — or both of you — may have made a mistake, but it’s done, and you don’t have Spain WhatsApp Number List a time machine. So don’t focus on replaying it in your head over and over or arguing about it for too long. Try to stay focused on finding solutions together and taking action. Instead of falling into inaction on different sides.

Tell yourself that you will

Ask yourself: How do we solve this problem? What small but practical steps can we take today to advance this solution? Focus on what we can do. Instead of focusing all your energy and thoughts on me and you, instead of turning the conflict that started into a battle that does no one any good. This will help you and the other person and your relationship. Image via alexisnyal (license).

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