Iceland Phone Number List all authorities and organizations, to actively promote and above all understand intercultural campaigns. In the past 2 months, five thousand people with a non-Western background have registered Iceland Phone Number List as blood donors. This is thanks to a Sanquin campaign aimed at non-Western Dutch people . Muslim ash enjoying the sun. Key Insight Do you have to start a completely new brand to be able to respond to the halal market? New! The answer is essentially very simple: Muslims want to be addressed as non-Muslims, without having to compromise on their religious.

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.The lion’s share of Muslims, just like all other Dutch Iceland Phone Number List people, want to work, study, soak up culture, shop, visit sights and eat good food and so on. If you understand the concept well, you know that you don’t have to change anything about your product/service. So where is the challenge? But (and this is a pretty big but), to understand these religious and Iceland Phone Number List cultural values ​​you need important insights from the Muslim community. This is quite complex in some cases. You must have knowledge and expertise of the group you want to address, their cultural background and their current living environment. For example, Dutch Muslims with a Moroccan background resonate with a different message than French Muslims with a Moroccan background.

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The more variables you include, the more complicated it Iceland Phone Number List gets. Where to start? Step 1: Start by analyzing whether you already appeal to this target group and why you do or do not. Step 2: Understand and define how your organization could respond to this segment. Take another look at your mission and vision, like Nike. Start by understanding behavior and thinking Iceland Phone Number List patterns. Muslims are not waiting for a whole new product / brand that is completely 100% halal. But it is precisely existing companies that show that Muslims are part of their corporate culture. Step 3: You are either authentic or history . Try to understand how halal-aware consumers behave and what it takes to maintain an emotional, credible and authentic brand proposition, otherwise you will be fooled.

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