Bitcoin is scarce, it cannot be print (like money) and it is not regulate by any government agency. All these factors together ensure that the value of Bitcoin is constantly changing. You can think of it as stocks or an investment. The price is determine by supply and demand, just like gold. 5. Cryptocurrency A ‘cryptocurrency’ is a digital currency that is often used as an alternative to conventional currencies.

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After the establishment of Bitcoin, a lot of new coins have emerge , these coins are calle altcoins (Alternative Bitcoins). At the time, these coins looked to Bitcoin with the intention of improving it. Popular altcoins include Ethereum, Litecoin Taiwan Phone Number and IOTA. Due to the emergence of new cryptocurrencies, and the competition among themselves, innovation has taken place at a rapid pace. For example, Litecoin was one of the first successors to Bitcoin that allow for more and faster transactions.


A decentralized structure

As the potential of blockchain technology became apparent, parties such as Ethereum put a new spin on the whole thing. Through the Ethereum network it is possible to build complete applications that will run on the Ethereum blockchain. Today it is still a very dynamic sector. Major companies such as PayPal, Microsoft and many others accept payments via Bitcoin. crypto wallet. 6. Wallets If you are starting out trading, buying or selling cryptocurrency, then you have undoubtedly encountered a ‘wallet’.

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