Today’s world it is essential to understand if the activities we do bring results. In this regard google has invented an OKR (obkective, key, result) methodology. Where each person is obliged to link a performance KPI to the activities he performs. And marketing should work a bit like that. These are the questions we carry with us when doing digital marketing ..

How to Analyze a Campaign

had eight hours to cut down a tree . I’d spend six hours Tunisia Phone Number sharpening the ax Tracking campaigns. As usual there is no rule that is always valid to track well. But everything must be calibrated on the utility, the size of the brand and the use we are going to make. Let’s start from the base. Whenever you create a campaign that lands on the site you must enter the following parameters within the URL: Means (utm_medium): the means by which the visit arrives on the site, the “transport channel”. For example: CPC, display, e-mail, affiliation. Separate paid and non-paid businesses, using different means. They have very varied performances and act on different stages of the funnel, so I suggest you differentiate them in the campaign name Content (utm_content): represents the creative used in the ad, or the advertising format.


What Will Make the Difference

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