Today, few business owners are willing to wait so long Lack of a developed development strategy. For most domestic companies Lack of qualified personnel. With a strategic vision I don’t even know what to add to what has been said. Try asking employees if they know the mission and strategic goals of the company. I have already talked about their understanding. Interview 10 people and see the result.

In the end, I would like to emphasize

If half answer your question correctly, you can congratulate yourself and your boss. It is well known that a sore personnel issue can negate all the good intentions of. The management and top management for implementation in the Attorney Email Lists BSC company. Since one of the implementation bases is the understanding by the company’s. Employees of its mission and goals, and ideally, their active participation in their development.

develop your own experience.

Strengths: A necessary condition for creating strategic maps is the development of a. Company strategy In itself, the development of a company’s. Strategy is a very important stage of development, and. The beginning of such a process indicates the maturity of the company and its rather high achievements. But without a clear strategy in it, the development of BSC is impossible. Therefore, the desire to implement it at home, the desire to better. Understand your business and its prospects inevitably entails the need to develop a strategy.

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