Say stop when you know you can’t think properly. Sometimes I get mentally fragile when I’m hungry or lying in bed ready to go to sleep. So worry can start buzzing in my head more easily. In the past, this often resulted in many minutes of no fun. These days, I’ve gotten better at capturing those thoughts quickly and saying to myself: No, no, we won’t be thinking about that right now.

Just like when I eat. Or in the morning when I’m asleep.

Then I went on to say to myself: I consider the situation or question when I know my mind will work better. Just like when I eat. Or in the Gmx Email List morning when I’m asleep. It took some practice to apply this consistently and effectively, but it also made a big difference in my life. 5. Remember that people don’t think about you and what you do as much as you think.

Then I went on to say to myself:

They are too busy thinking about what others think of them. And think about what is closest to their heart, such as their children, pets, partners, work or school. So if you do something, don’t worry about what people will think or say. Don’t let thoughts like this get in the way of your life. 6. Exercise. Few things are as effective and consistent as exercising to release inner tension and get out of a headspace that is especially prone to worry. I also find that exercising – especially free weights – makes me feel more decisive and focused.

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